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I'm Jeri, an Iowa photographer who specializes in Boudoir photography and women's intimate portraits. I love all things glitter,  dark chocolate obsessed,  and have a  slight shopping problem.
But most importantly, I love empowering women and helping them find a new love for themselves. 
Your boudoir experience doesn’t change based on your clothing size, age, or relationship status, or life events. None of this defines you and I am here to help you embrace it. I believe in clients who become friends, and my goal is to make your experience memorable.
We're gonna have some fun, some laughs, and make some beautiful art.  





bout jeri

The first step to booking is to get in touch with me, this can be done through the contact form here.

Once you've reached out we will schedule a quick call so I can get to know you and what you're looking for and walk you through what I can offer. From there we will pick a date for your session, pay the deposit, and get you officially on the books. Once you pay your deposit and sign your contract, I’ll send you all the details, info, and guides you need to prep for your session. We will schedule any pre-session in person consultation and sign up for a pre-session product payment plans if needed. You will also receive a pre-session questionnaire to go over your expectations for your session.



ooking your boudoir session


Boudoir session $400
 & Collections and product begin at $900


You have the option to schedule a pre-session in person consultation, this includes a you visit to the studio to look over the client closet, pick outfits for your session, check out the sets,  look over products, talk makeup looks, and discuss more of your vision for your session. 
Pre-session product payment plans are offered and you may sign up for one before your session date. Doing a pre-session payment plan opens up opportunities for upgrades, rewards, and faster turn around for your final products.
 If you opt out of the in person consult, you will also receive a pre-session questionnaire to go over your expectations for your session, what is your main purpose for scheduling a photo session, and how you plan on displaying your artwork.



re-Session Prep


Once you arrive at the studio the day of your session you will go straight into hair and makeup. I have a great team of ladies who I bring in for sessions that do amazing work. While you sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering we will go through your outfit choices and set plans.  When you're finished getting all dolled up we will start! 
During your session, you don't have to worry about posing,  thats what i'm here for! I have a list of poses that work with the sets and I will help direct you on exactly what you should be doing.  We will  have a few laughs along the way and session time will go by in a flash, but plan to be in the studio for 3-4 hours, this includes time for hair and makeup.

You'll leave feeling amazing and looking glamorous, so make sure you take a selfie, or plan a fun night out after!  Treat yourself! 



He Experience

Before you leave your session or shortly after we will schedule an ordering and viewing appointment. This can also be done same day if desired. At this appointment we will review your gallery and select product designs.
I offer a few different collection options with my most popular products as well as an a la carte menu. 
From premium prints & folio boxes, to breathtaking wall art, and our best selling luxury albums, our products are designed and selected with you in mind. 

Clients invest an average of  $1,900 into their overall boudoir experience.




Trust me when I say, I KNOW lingerie shopping is a pain. I was blessed with a body type that doesn't fit well into the standard sizes, so I get it. Thats why i'm here to help you find what will be flattering to you. 
We'll talk about what to wear and tips for your shoot. Your pre-session consultation includes wardrobe planning and shopping help. Want to know what I think of an outfit? Just ask! I want to provide an amazing experience for you, and that means I'm invested from the beginning to end!

I also have an in studio client closet with over 250 pieces ranging from sizes XS-5XL that is always growing and changing. The boudoir session fee includes access to the client closet as well as a pre-session try on consult if needed. 



ingerie talk

How do i book a session?

How far in advance should i book?

Do you travel?

Is the session fee applied to my order?

To book a session, all you have to do shoot me an email or complete the contact form to set up your phone consult. We will go over all the details and questions you have regarding your session, including pricing. When you're ready to book, I can take your session fee over the phone or you can pay by invoice. Once you have paid, you're on the books!  

I recommend booking your session date at least 4 weeks before you need your products in hand so we can be sure not to miss any special occasions.

I love to travel! I will gladly come to you if you have a location you love by you, you will just need to cover all travel costs and rentals. I recommend getting a few friends in on the deal and making a weekend of it!

No, the session fee is separate from your product order. Your session fee covers all your prep information, hair and makeup, the shoot time with me, access to my client closet, as well as your viewing and ordering appointment. All prints and products are sold separately at your viewing session.



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